AK Sturgeon Lab


Save Our Planet!

People spend huge amounts of money to explore space while lots of people living on the Earth have very dangerous diseases as AIDS. Every day we eat food which is half of soya or has other non-natural ingredients. We waste a lot of water and pollute it at the same time. We invented atomic and nuclear bombs, new spaceships which could be pushed off the Earth and cause death. It is obviously how successfully people are destroying their planet. There are lots of environmental problems-endangered species, water shortages, air pollution, tones of litter...

Why we cannot live without genetically modified products? Because we would not spend a lot of money to buy natural fruits and vegetables, but we want to know all and explore the space, we are starving of spending money again and again!

Do not we want our next generations to be mutated? Of course - no!

People must stop destroying the planet. They have created a lot of problems so they are responsible for the solution. I think the solution begins with the realization that nobody but we ourselves are hosts of the Earth. We must hurry to save our planet!

World sturgeon supply has been falling since the early 1990s.

The history of the great fish is dying in front of our eyes. If you are ready to participate in saving and restoring the fish stock, please do so.