AK Sturgeon Lab


About Us

     AK STURGEON LAB LTD is a company that is dedicated to restoring the world's resources of sturgeon, the prehistoric fish that can live up to 100 years and grow to be 2800 lb.  The company was established in order to start an aquaculture operation in Vancouver, BC that would farm various sturgeon species to replenish depleting natural populations in BC aquatic area and for commercial production of sturgeon meat and caviar.  The principal objective of the project is to grow sturgeon with the purpose of a restoration sturgeon population (50000 fish per year),  and selling meat and value-added products wholesale to the restaurants, hotels and retail stores nationwide. 


One of our main ideas - is to attract public attention to problems of preservation of sturgeon fish. From children to adult - everyone should understand, what a  great heritage, nature presented in the form of sturgeon to Us!  Weekly farm observations will be organized and everyone can see what real sturgeon looks like. Our lectors will tell the guests, how the fish are being feed, what temperature settings should be applied for each kind of sturgeon for its normal growth and progress.  And, be sure, that it is just the begining!

We pay great attention to  study and investigate sturgeon species. Putting the experience of fish farmers from around the world and apply it in our company. We want to admit, that our Polish collegues from Aller-aqua have done a big job, organizing the last sturgeon conference in Poland. And it's a pleasure for Us to participate there, please, be kind, look through summary here.

If you have any questions, according our activity, please fill free to contact us.